Convincing and effective presentation

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Convincing and effective presentation

Do you struggle sometimes when presenting your ideas? Would you like to make your listeners entertain and excite? Do you need the opportunity to train a foreign-language presentation? Then read on. A good presentation will ensure that your environment fully understands what you need to communicate. The entire company benefits from presentations that are factual, supporting a positive atmosphere and able to pass on the desired information.

Charisma is not only given, it can be learnt. Control the techniques of presentation in front of people, get rid of nervousness, and start discovering your unique speaker personality.

The course is designed for

All who need to communicate their ideas clearly, convincingly and to everyone so that everyone can fully understand them.

With this course you will

  • Learn the techniques and rules of each presentation
  • Enhance your ability to improvise
  • Increase dynamics in your speech, for example, by creating contrasts
  • Understand the rules of public performance and the stage will become a safe place for you
  • Learn how to get attention by a story or by examples
  • Benefit from your authenticity
  • Have the opportunity to try it out practically during the course

Course content in points

  • Preparation for the presentation - both factual and psychological
  • An important role of eye contact
  • Self-conscious body language
  • Ice-breaking
  • Structure of presentation - how to start? What to end up with?
  • Tips to increase any presentation energy
  • How do you respond to questions from the audience and do not get surprised?
  • When everything fails, improvise
  • Strong presentation makes a point at the end – how to do it?

Mgr. Pavel Wieser

Systemic coach and lecturer. Since 2004 he has been professionally involved in public speaking and presentation skills. As a salesman, he had the opportunity to get acquainted with the environment of financial institutions. He obtained a Master's degree in psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Charles University in Prague. He has been working as a methodist of managerial education, and his professional experience includes the development of psychodiagnostics and the performing of assessment centers. He lectured on the topics of improvisation in work practice and negotiation at the Higher Vocational School of Economic Studies in Prague. Today, he focuses on training various soft-skills areas. As a coach he works with individuals and teams to increase performance and satisfaction. In 2014-2018 he was a member of the Presidium of ČAKO - the Czech Association of Coaches. He is a member of the EMCC - European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

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