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Do you want to avoid disputes and you prefer to look for a win-win solution? Do you need to negotiate on international ground and confidently enforce your needs? Then this course is for you. Negotiate in English, negotiate the best terms, and at the same time build a good relationship with your counterpart – it is an art that has its own rules and can be learnt. The course prepares you both theoretically and practically.

The course is designed for

All who need to act effectively and assertively, whether with foreign counterparts or for example with their own management. Negotiate the best terms for your business and at the same time meet the wishes of the client. The course will benefit managers, traders and team members who sometimes experience conflicts of interest.

With this course you will

  • Learn to prepare for negotiation
  • Be able to start to negotiate in so many situations
  • Become more convincing for your surroundings and at the same time understand the demands of the counterpart
  • Master the basic and advanced techniques of positional and integrative (principial) negotiation
  • Instead of "trench warfare", learn to ask the right questions and look for a "win-win"
  • Immediately apply the new skills in your practice

Course content in points

  • Main approaches to negotiation
  • Types of negotiators and basics of defense against pressure and manipulation
  • Techniques used in negotiation
  • Setting goals and choosing a strategy
  • The art of improvisation and readiness in negotiation
  • Confident negotiation - what body language leads to success? What to avoid?
  • Evaluating past negotiations

Mgr. Pavel Wieser

Systemic coach and lecturer. Since 2004 he has been professionally involved in public speaking and presentation skills. As a salesman, he had the opportunity to get acquainted with the environment of financial institutions. He obtained a Master's degree in psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Charles University in Prague. He has been working as a methodist of managerial education, and his professional experience includes the development of psychodiagnostics and the performing of assessment centers. He lectured on the topics of improvisation in work practice and negotiation at the Higher Vocational School of Economic Studies in Prague. Today, he focuses on training various soft-skills areas. As a coach he works with individuals and teams to increase performance and satisfaction. In 2014-2018 he was a member of the Presidium of ČAKO - the Czech Association of Coaches. He is a member of the EMCC - European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

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